CBSE Class 12th Economics and Class 10th Maths exam reconduct 2020

Economics of class 12 and Mathematics of class 10 paper leaked gives 100% surity by CBSE and CBSE take another big decision about their examination.About 3.5 lakh students appear maths and economics exam.
This is very bad news for class 10th and 12th students.There are about 16,38,428 students of class 10th and 11,86,306 students of class 12th registered for Board Exam in 2018.
According to news channel PM.Narendra Modi and CM.Arvind Kejriwal expressed unhappiness about the board exam.CBSE has complained to the Delhi POlice for more investigate about leaked paper of both subjects.
Ajay Makan says-My son Aujaswi studied really hard for #CBSE Class X Board Math Exams held today
His joy of finishing Board Exams was short lived.

He is extremely dejected as the Math paper got leaked & this #LeakingGovt will hold the Exam again
I feel sorry for him as lakhs of other students!
Prashant Bhushan says-#CBSE exam leak through WhatsApp. Is there any exam or selection which is safe & scam proof in India? Even after PM’s app leaks our personal data to US firm, our govt tells us that Aadhar data is safe behind thick walls! Incredible.

Many students are very disappointed they says-Why should our batch always be the unluckiest #CBSE . Those miscreants who leak papers should understand the pain we put into studies Siddharth ST of class 10.

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The students can be check more about the re exam in CBSE official website CBSE

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