Important Topic Class 12th Mathmatics Exam Preparation 2019-20

Chapter-1 Relations and functions

  • Composition of function.
  • Invertible function.
  • Binary opretion.

Chapter-2 Inverse trigonometric functions.

  • Properties of Inverse trigonometric functions.

Chapter-3 Matrices

  • Multiplication of matrices.
  • Transpose of matrices.
  • Elementary operation of matrices.

Chapter-4 Determinants

  • Six properties of determinants.

Chapter-5 Continuity and differentiation

  • Continuity function.
  • Differentiation function.
  • Logarithmic differentiation.
  • Parametric form.
  • Mean value theorem.

Chapter-6 Application of derivatives

  • increasing and decreasing functions.
  • Approximate value.
  • Maximum minimum.

Chapter-7 Integrals

  • Integration by Parts
  • Limits of sum.
  • Definite integrals.

Chapter-8 Application of integrals

  • Area b/w two curves.

Chapter-9 Differentials equations

  • Homogeneous differentials equations.
  • Linear differentials equations.

Chapter-10 Vector algebra

  • Product of two vector.
  • Projection.
  • Col-linear.

Chapter-11 Three dimensional geometric

  • Equation in line space.
  • Angle b/w two lines and two planes.
  • Distance b/w parallel lines and points from a plane.
  • Capillarity of two lines.

Chapter-12 Linear programming

  • Different types of LPP.

Chapter-13 Probability

  • Bayes’theorem.
  • Random variables and mean & variance.
  • Bernoulli trials.

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