How to add and delete menu with wix?

Each site with in excess of one page ought to have a menu so your site guests can explore between the pages.
Even menus are the most well-known kind of menu and are generally set at the best or base of a site.
Simply drag and drop created a free website with

Adding a Horizontal Menu

    • Click on menu at the top

    • Click on Manage Menu button.

    • Click on Add Page button.

    • Create new menu and click on Done Button

  • Your menu will be added.

Deleting a Menu

  • Follow top steps.
  • Click menu at the top=>Manage Menu.
  • Click on the menu you want to edit.
  • Click the icon.
  • Drop down will be appear.Then click on Delete button.
  • Go to front-end and refresh it. your menu will be deleted.

How to add menu with


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