HTML interview questions and answers 2019?

In this tutorial, we will tell you the most important question’s asked in the interview. this is very important question’s that are always asked in interview.
There are basic and high level, both types of question are included.

Q #1) What is HTML?

HTML is a HyperText Markup Language. It is used for creating web pages and website templates.It was created by Berners lee in 1991.

Q #2)What does HTML stand for?

HTML stand for HyperText Markup Language.

Q #3)what is the extension of html file?

HTML file extension is .html

Q #4)Define the basic structure of the HTML template?

The basic structure of HTML template is-

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<p>your code goes here</p>


Q #5)How can we insert a copyright symbol on a web page?

we can insert copyright symbol in two ways- you can insert &copy; or &#169; into your web page and html files.

Q #6)why is the use of a span tag in html? give me some example.

We can use span tags for-

  • styling the text
  • adding color on any text
  • adding background color on any text

<span style=”color:red; “>
In this page we use span.
<span style=”background:red; “>
In this page we use span.


Q #7)What is fieldset and legent tag in HTML?

<fieldset> tag is used to group related elements in a form.In other way we can say
<fieldset> tag draws a box around the related elements.
<Legent> tag providing a caption for the <fieldset>.

Name: <input type=”text”><br>
Email: <input type=”text”><br>


Q #8)which editor we can use for creating the html page?

We can use many editor for creating web page or HTML page like- Sublime Text, Notepad++, Atom, Brackets etc.

Q #9)What are empty elements in HTML?

When an html element has no content these are called empty elements. <br> is an eampty element

<p>This is <br> example of empty element.</p>
This is
example of empty element.


Q #10)Do all HTML tags have closing(end) tag?

No, some HTML tags have no need to closing(end) tag like- <img />, <br/>, <hr>, <input>.

<p>This is a Heading</p>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<img src=”custom-image.jpg”>
<input type=”name” name=”name”>

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